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Friday, 6 January 2017

Marcel Amont.320 Kbps


Now here is a L/P that is definitely different...first its sung in French which will please my 1289 hits from France !!...and by the title you would think that it is about "Operettas" which it is but not as we know them !!...A friend of mine had this for quite a while and kept asking me to have a listen but I didn't fancy it at all so ignored it...but one day it was on when I arrived at his house and was immediately fascinated by it and couldn't believe when he told me what it was and even tho' couldn't under stand a word he was singing I thought it was great...So come on you Anglophile's give it a listen too it's a cool one !!

 1. Le Muletier Et La Jeune Personne
2. Dans La Vie Faut Pas S'en Faire
3. Mediterranee
4. Oh Ma Rose-Marie
5. Les Inseparables
6. Elle Est Tellement innocente
7. I Love Paris

 1. Si Vous N'aimez Pas Ca
2. J'ai Toujours Cru Qu'un Baiser
3. La Lecon De Solfege
4. L'heure Exquise
5. Il Est Minuit
6. Romance De Maitre Pathelin
7. On a L'beguin

07. I Love Paris .mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

Tibor Mészáros said...

He is one of the most qualited French singers of his age. Thank you for this LP absolved by the now 87 year old great artist!