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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Neil Diamond.320 KBps

 This is one of Neil Diamond's best live fact it it the Best !!...From The Greek Theatre In Los Angeles....containing most of his hits up to 1972 because that's when it was recorded August 24th to be exact.. on a Hot Sultry Summer Night !! The first track "Prologue" is a great one it builds up an atmosphere before Neil actually appears and starts to sing....I have recorded them as complete Sides because there is not much gaps between tracks....It is a double L/P so there is 4 sides !!
Also No "Zippy" Track !!

Side 1.                        Side 2.
1. Prologue                 1. Porcupine Pie
2. Crunchy Granola  2. You're So Sweet
3. Done Too Soon      3. Red Red Wine
4. Solitary Man         4. Soggy Pretzels
5. Cherry Cherry      5. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
6. Sweet Caroline      6. Shilo
                                    7. Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon

Side 3.                      Side 4.
1. Play Me               1. Holly Holly
2. Canta Libre        2. I Am...I Said
3. Morningside       3. Soolaimon / Brother Love's Travling Salvation Show
4. Song Sung Blue  4. (Encore)
5. Cracklin' Rose