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Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Manhattan Transfer

Wikipedia is great when you don't know much about what you want to say !! 

 The Manhattan Transfer is an American a cappella, jazz fusion/pop music group founded in 1969 in New York City and still active in the 2010s. There have been two editions of the group, with Tim Hauser being the only person to be part of both. The first group consisted of Hauser, Erin Dickins, Marty Nelson, Pat Rosalia and Gene Pistilli. The second version of the group, formed in 1972, consisted of Hauser, Alan Paul, Janis Siegel and Laurel Massé. In 1979, after Massé was badly injured in a car accident, she was replaced by Cheryl Bentyne. The group's long-time pianist, Yaron Gershovsky, accompanied the group on tour and served as music director. Trist Curless from the Los Angeles a cappella group m-pact became a permanent member in October 2014 following Hauser's death.[2]

So having said that here's the Track List !!! 

1. Four Brothers 
2. A Gal In Calico
3. Love For Sale
4. Je Voulais
5. On A Little Street In Singapore
6. In A Mellow Tone

1. Walk In Love
2. Who What When Where Why
3. It's Not The Spotlight
4. Pieces Of Dreams
5. Where Did Our Love Go

05. On A Little Street In Singapore.mp3


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