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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Jaap Dekker

Re- Post

Piano music now with a difference....I've not heard of this guy but he can sure play the "Old Joanna" shades of "Winnie" !!!...Thanks "Bob" for the introduction !! all you "Piano Enthusiasts" give this one a listen !!!

02 Jambalaya Red river rock.mp3

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Ginger Rogers

Re-Post Requested By Jack Garder

 Well now I have mixed feeling about this one...Its obvious that "Gingers" voice is not as good as it was 35 plus years ago when she did those great films with "Fred Astaire"...She made this one is London in 1978 according to the back sleeve....I ask myself should she have left it alone and let the record company issue her "Soundtrack" vocals !!....but I suppose as an entertainer the show must go on !!...Its a pity that the great singers can't keep their voices at their peak all there lives....only a handfull do !!.....But it's great to hear them their talent always shines tho'.....and as for this L/P its cool to hear the old songs given modern arrangments....

Thanks Bob For This One !!!

11 A fine romance Let's call the whole world off.mp3

Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Shadows

A dip now over the pond !! to see what I can find !! TA ! John !!...well now a 1967 L/P from "The Shads" sets the pace !!!

  14 - Green Eyes (Stereo).mp3

The Teddy Bears

The Teddy Bears were an American pop music group. They were record producer Phil Spector's first vocal group.

It seems they were only together for a year 1958 - 1959 !!

  11. If I Give My Heart To You (stereo).mp3

The McGuire Sisters

Next we have the great "McGuire Sisters"...had quite a few of their 78's & 45's in my teen's and its great to hear them again on this L/P !!

1. Sincerely
2. Something's Gotta Give
3. Picnic
4. Delilah Jones
5. Sweet Song Of India 
6. Heart

1. Endless
2. Every Day Of My Life
3. It May Sound Silly
4. Muscrat Ramble
5. Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight
6. Seems Like Old Times

  10 -muskrat-ramble.mp3

Nancy Sinatra

Miss "Boot's" herself !!...doing some well known songs her way !!!..Good on you Gal !!...I see footware still is in evidence !!...Its a Gud Un !!!..well worth a listen !!!

08 - Let's Fall In Love.mp3

Kay Starr

Miss Kay Starr and not a "Pop Song" in sight !!!....she does a great job with some standard love songs that comes under the umbrella of ..."Losers, Weepers"...every track is a Gem !!!...I had a hell of a job trying to pick a track to play !!!


Hillbilly Hit Parade

How's about some "Country & Western".......Yee Hah !!!!

1. Why Baby Why.....George Jones
2. You Are The One....Leon Payne
3. Searching....Jeanette Hicks
4. Any Old Time....George Jones
5. I Take The Chance....George Jones & Jeanette Hicks
6. Conscience I'm Guilty....Benny Barnes
7.  Hold Everthing....George Jones
8. I Want You I Need You I Love You....Eddie Noack

1.  Crazy Arms....Leon Payne
2.  You Gotta Be My Baby....George Jones
3.  I Walk The Line....Benny Barnes
4.  Sweet Dreams....George Jones
5.  Blackboard Of My Heart....Leon Payne
6.  A Satisfied Mind....Joe Red Hayes
7.  Yes I Know Why....George Jones
8.  Heartbreak Hotel....Thumper Jones

01-George Jones-Why Baby Why.mp3