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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

No More "Mega" !!

OOOOOPS....seems that I have had my account suspended from "Mega" over copyright issues !! Mega wont work anymore !!....fingers crossed  for the rest !!!....Luigi !


groovylounge said...


василий канарейкин said...

И хрен с ней !

Terry Peck said...

I've always found Mega to be problematic, such that I have stopped trying to download anything using it. Zippy would be my tool of choice, despite its limitations.

Christopher tm said...

Zippy is, in my experience, the most consistent of the various hosting sites.

Good luck.


Armpit Studios said...

That's alright with me. I can't stand Mega. Too many clicks to get the download going. Plus, I don't trust the owner.