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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Non Stop Disco Party .320. Kbps

This one has been recorded as Side 1 & Side 2 !! no breaks in between the tracks !! also there's a mechanical whistle that somebody keeps playing on when the music stops and the clapping starts !!..unless its a fault in the recording !!...anyway loads of familar songs to Disco / Dance or Sway to !!!



espo said...

Enjoy !

Armpit Studios said...

Those non-stop party records can be fun, although this one isn't as non-stop as some. There are definite breaks between songs, with very badly done party noises. That whistle noise is supposed to be some party-goer whistling their excitement. But it's so repetitive, and the crowd noise is just bad. James Last had a couple good ones. Still, it's fun to hear cheesy sound-alike versions of songs.

Armpit Studios said...

Got to side 2 just now. Jeez, so many wrong lyrics in Jean Genie.