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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Pete Jolly

Not had any piano music for some time so here is one that's also new to me ! not heard of Pete Jolly before so this is a first for me !!

1. Widows Of The World
2. Serenata
3. Dindi
4. You've Got To Be There
5. Like A Lover

1. Lonely Girl
2. Amy's Theme
3. Love So Fine
4. For Carl
5. Dancing In The Street

02 Serenata.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

Mac said...

One of the better west coast jazz pianist - and this is a good album, but if you really want to hear him at his best track down Jolly Jumps In or Little Bird - there the man really shows his skills with the 88 keys....

pj said...

When I first discovered my namesake I hoped that he wouldn't be an embarrassment, and I'm pleased to say that as a jazz fan I couldn't have asked for more. All of his albums are first rate, but do beware of the one where he plays the accordian, as that isn't jazz at its best. From one Pete Jolly to another.

Soupdrinker said...