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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Elvis Presley & The Beatles 45's . 320. Kbps

When I borrowed the last lot of L/P's for posting on this blog there was some 45's amongst them they didn't sound too bad so I decided to post them......and I remembered that I bought years ago from the Internet a big box of mixed 45's well over a hundred of them that are in my Garage and havn't seen the light of day for more that 20 odd years or maybe more !! I will  maybe start to post some of them...can't remember what is there nothing well known I think so it could be interesting to listen to them again and see what gems I might discover !!

1. Wooden Heart....Elvis Presley
2. Tonight Is So Right For Love....Elvis Presley

1. I Want To Hold Your Hand....The Beatles
2. That Boy....The Beatles


espo said...

Enjoy !


Com certeza terás uma surpresa bem grande, pois muitas musicas não foram publicadas, pois não são todos que tem estas gravações, vou aguardar com bastante ansiedade, suas publicações. abraço e obrigado.