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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Bee Gees & Der Fritz.320 Kbps

Well now a while ago I said that In the past I had bought a box of 45's from the Internet and they were forgotten in the garage.. what jogged my memory was when I posted some 45's that was in a load of L/P's that I borrowed. so I rescued them and I will post them a few at a time...there is about a couple of hundred so it will take a bit of time to post them all...they seem to be a sort of "Eurovision" without the "Vision" bit by that I mean there is "Italian" "German" "Spanish" and maybe a few more Euro languages....Must have been a clear out of a record store or maybe somebody's 45 collection....Also I dug out my old 45's that I also had forgotten about and they will be posted as well....and I think that most of you out there will guess that they are mine !!....there is certainly a mixture of musical styles on these 45's and I am certain that they must be mostly from the 80's...most of them have that pounding beat that was typical of the 80's style music.. I wont be making any comment about them because It will be the first time I have heard them when I record them so I will leave the Comments Wide open for lets have some "Euroaction " from across the Channel and all over the world !!!

1. Angela
2. You Win Again ( Re-Mix )

1. Der Fritz
2. Der Fritz (Instrumental)