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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Juice Newton & Silver Spur.320 Kbps


 If I was told in my teens that I would enjoy country and western music I would have had a fit ..but Lo and Behold here is  an L/P that is just that...I suppose it's an age thing getting worldly wise ect.. also an open mind goes a long way having said that this is one heck of a good set of songs....But what a peculiar name !!

1. Catwillow River
2. Just Remember Who Your Friends Are 
3. Love Is A Word
4. The Sweetest Thing
5. Roll On Truckers

1. Won't You Stay
2. Its High Time
3. You Please Me
4. The Shelter Of Your Love
5. Stand By Me Jesus

01. Catwillow River.mp3