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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Dorothy Squires.320 Kbps


  Dorothy Squires has got quite a distictive voice and on this L/P as the title say's she is singing her own songs that she has wrote....maybe some of you out there in the 'cosmos' have probably never heard of her so maybe a little info will help....her voice is deep... so if I said that it is the very oposite of the voice of "Blossom Dearie"maybe you will get an idea of it !!...seems that she wrote the lyrics and composed the tunes of most of the tracks on this L/P...there is a sameness about the songs but they are good....and of course she was married to "James Bond" and "The Saint" (AKA) "Roger Moore" at some point !!

1. Look Around
2. With all My Heart
3. Tammy Tell Me True
4. The Good Things
5. Point Of No Return
6. Two Strangers Met

1. Torremolinos
2. When There's Love In Your Heart
3. Where Can I Go
4. Precious Love
5. Your Flowers Arrived To Late 
6. Play It To The Rules

07. Torremolinos.mp3