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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Vikki Carr

We now have a very varied  selection from over the "Pond" Via "John"

 All the well known songs are given a different arrangement's on this L/P and that makes the songs sound different and fresh !!...Thanks for this lot John !!!

1. Don't Break My Pretty Balloon
2. Tears On My Pillow
3. Its Not Unusual
4. Happy Together
5. Just For You
6. Your Heart Is free Just Like The Wind

1. All My Love
2. She'll Be There
3. The Glory Of Love
4. Nothing To Lose
5. The Magic Of People
6. Honey

02 - Tears On My Pillow.mp3

The World Of Your Easy Listening Favourites

Four orchestra's get to play the 12 tracks on this compilation !...and it does tick the box for "Easy Listening"....

10 Vincent.mp3

The Swingle Singers & The Modern Jazz Quartet

This certainly looks like the original "Swingles" doing what they do best !! Plus The MJQ !

  06. Alexander's Fugue.mp3

Samantha Jones

Can't get enough of Sam !!. info on Wikiepedia say's that she recorded 7 L/P's we now have 3 of them fingers crossed we may get them all eventually !!....great track "My Way" video is further down on this page !!....thanks for this "John" !!


Friday, 17 February 2017

Shirley Bassey

This look into the many L/P's of our favourite "Dame"includes the song that will alway's be our "Shirl's" classyist ! number !..."Big Spender" of course !!!!!! :) :)

09. If You Go Away.mp3

Peter Paul And Mary

23 classic tracks from the folk group from the 60's all the hits are here !

206 - Peter, Paul & Mary - I Dig Rock'n Roll Music.mp3

Norrie Paramor & Orchestra

A good set of orchestrations from England's Norrie Paramor that will sit well with all of the "Easy Listeners"...all tracks have the word "Love" in !!!..which I suppose is obvious hence the title of the L/p !!

1. Love's Theme
2. What Now My Love
3. A Little Love And Understanding
4. Love Is Blue
5. I Love You
6. Too Much I'm In Love
7. And I Love You So 

1. No Other Love
2. April Love
3. The Look Of Love
4. Love And Marriage
5. Love Is All
6. Goodnight My Love
7. Love In Bloom

  04 - Love Is Blue.mp3

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Marge Dodson

It's amazing that without the wonder of the "Tinternet" ! we would not get to hear good singers like "Marge" and yes she is definatly a "New Voice "!! even tho' this was recorded in 1960 it still is a new voice to me !!.....I wonder how many good singers L/P's are out there in the "Cosmos" waiting to be discovered and heard !!....Thanks once again "John" !!!..will have to get that "Carpet" out for a visit when the weather gets better !!!!

1. They Can't  That Away From Me 
2. Out Of This World
3. Angel Eyes
4. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
5.  Speak Low
6. Round Midnight

1. This Can't Be Love 
2. By Myself
3. The Thrill Is Gone
4. No Moon At All
5. Dearly Beloved
6. Alone Together


Marilyn Maye

And is if by Magic!!...we have another voice that I have not heard of !!....John & the Cosmos must be very busy !!!....and a quote from the late "Ella"
 Ella Fitzgerald referred to Maye as "the greatest white female singer in the world".
Soooooo Guy's And Gal's have listen to this and the above post for a treat !!!

1. The Lamp Is Low
2. I See The Rainbow Now
3. If I Were In Your Shoes
4. Love Me True
5. You're Gonna Hear From Me
6. If I Just Stand Still

1. The Night we Called it a Day
2. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars
3. Livin'Alone
4. Too Late Now
5. Someday Forget Me Not
6. Maybe Love Wise

10 -too-late-now.mp3

Lynsey De Paul

Here's a singer songwriter with the very well recognisable voice that did England proud by coming second in the "Eurovision Song Contest" In 1977....all her well known hits are on this L/P

1. Sugar Me
2. Ivory Tower
3. Doctor Doctor
4. Crossword Puzzle
5. So Good To You
6. The Way It Goes
7. Getting a Drag

1. Won't Somebody Dance With Me
2. Storm In A Teacup
3. Mama Do
4. Sleeping Blue Nights
5. All Night
6. No Honestly
7. Dancing On A Saturday Night
8. My Man And Me

07 - Won't Somebody Dance with Me.mp3

Dinah Washington & Brook Benton

A great pairing of vocal talents on this L/P !!..and as you can see by the cover there are also solo's as well as duets....would have been great if the tracks were all duets !!...BUT I suppose we have to be thankful as these two great artists are no longer with us !!

1. There's Goes My Heart...Dinah Washington
2. Call Me...Brook Benton
3. Baby You Got What It Takes...Dinah Washington & Brook Benton
4. Love Walked in...Dinah Washington
5. Not One Step Behind...Brook Benton
6. A Rockin' Good Way...Dinah Washington & Brook Benton

1. Someone To Believe In...Brook Benton
2. This I Promise You...Dinah Washington
3. I Do...Dinah Washington & Brook Benton
4. Because Of Everything...Brook Benton
5. Again...Dinah Washinton
6. I Believe...Dinah Washington & Brook Benton 

  03 - Baby (You've Got What It Takes).mp3

Dante & His Orchestra

Don't know what cats ! have to do with this selection of instrumental tunes !!...But it's a great cover !!!....L/P cover designers running out of idea's !...Sooooooo stick SEX on the cover and a near naked lady and maybe we will sell some Records !!....must admit tho' its a good clear recording !!...And whoever wrote the back cover must have been on something !!! GREAT !!!
Thanks "John" for this unusual Gem !!!

... modern myrrh and mischief ...
flat-tummied, twin-turreted gamins ...
moist pouted underlips ... amoral pixies and confused carnivores
stuffed animals, jazz and racing cars ... lazy, lithe
child wastrels ... sic transit GINA and MARILYN
swiftly now, cross over the BRIGETTE.
Lush the sex kittens; lush their serenades ...
zee melodies Americaine burst like grapeseeds
from Paris terraces ... sweeping strings, tres hi fi, society brisk ...
whirring, purring ... gay, cyclical Sartrian
strains ... hers all hers ... her manner,
her madness ... HER MUSIC.

11.My One And Only Love.mp3

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Anita Bryant

First time for me that I have heard Anita's voice....he she is singing some well known songs...voice is clear !! diction pretty good !! so not a bad voice !! but she should have seen that Pie coming !!!

1. The World Of Lonely People
2. Our Day Will Come
3. Little Thing Means a Lot
4. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
5. Laughing On The Outside

1. All Alone am I
2. It's Not The Way It Used To Be
3. Why Me
4. A World Without Love
5. Welcome Home Baby

05 - Laughing On The Outside (Crying On The Inside) (Stereo).mp3

Chet Atkins

Still over the pond at the moment !! we have the "Mop Heads" on the front cover and "Mr Guitar" picking away at some of the "Beatles" first class songs....It just shows how great these songs are and they all come out shiny and new !!!.....Thanks John !!

1. I Feel Fine
2. Yesterday
3. If I Fell
4. Can't Buy Me Love
5. I'll Cry Instead
6. Things We Said Today

1. A Hard Day's Night
2. I'll Follow The Sun
3. She's a Woman
4. And I Love Her
5. Michelle
6. She Loves You

10. And I Love Her.mp3

Captain & Tennille

The Mr & Mrs of song !!...this L/P contains two of their most poular hits as well as some great tracks ... Toni Tennelle was a very good friend of the late "Ella"


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Samantha Jones

The distinctive voice of Sam Jones singing her heart out with 12 tracks...She definatly should have been more succsessful than she was....Another great L/P from Bob thanks !!

03 This i find is beautiful.mp3

Samantha Jones My way

Gianni Ferrio & Orchestra

Great atmospheric music now from Italy...Rome to be exact...It certainly puts you there beside the "Fountains" !!!....Thanks Bob for this one !!

  02 Canta se la vuoi cantar.mp3

Trio Digno Garcia

Great Spanish holiday music now or should I say "Paraguayan" doing the Fiesta thing !!!!
Thanks Bob !!

08 Luna ilena.mp3

Monday, 13 February 2017

Helen Shapiro.320 Kbps

L/P 1 of a 2 Record Set !!!.....the other one is down the page !!...Helen doing justice on some popular songs of the moment....Plenty of info on the back sleeve !!!!

1. My Guy
2. All Alone Am I
3. He's a Rebel
4. Move Over Darling
5. Keep Your Hands off My Baby
6. Remember Me
7. Shop Around

1. Walk On By
2. The End Of The World
3. It Might as Well Rain Untill September
4. Baby Its you
5. Please Mr Postman
6. Its In His Kiss
7. Stay

02. All Alone Am I.mp3