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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Jaap Dekker

Re- Post

Piano music now with a difference....I've not heard of this guy but he can sure play the "Old Joanna" shades of "Winnie" !!!...Thanks "Bob" for the introduction !! all you "Piano Enthusiasts" give this one a listen !!!

02 Jambalaya Red river rock.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

Mireille Delahaye said...

Beste Bob
Bedankt voor deze LP van Jaap Dekker
Veel groeten
Espo many Thanks for all the music

der bajazzo said...

No offence intended, but you seriously need to read this:
Please do not use quotation marks for emphasis.

espo said...

der Bajazzo... Hi no offence taken..but this is why I do use "Quotation Marks"

Rule 8a. Quotation marks are often used with terms used in an unusual way, or other
expressions that vary from standard usage.

This was taken from "Puctuation Rules" from "The Blue Book Of Grammar" !

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks for these album