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Monday, 13 February 2017

Helen Shapiro.320 Kbps

L/P 1 of a 2 Record Set !!!.....the other one is down the page !!...Helen doing justice on some popular songs of the moment....Plenty of info on the back sleeve !!!!

1. My Guy
2. All Alone Am I
3. He's a Rebel
4. Move Over Darling
5. Keep Your Hands off My Baby
6. Remember Me
7. Shop Around

1. Walk On By
2. The End Of The World
3. It Might as Well Rain Untill September
4. Baby Its you
5. Please Mr Postman
6. Its In His Kiss
7. Stay

02. All Alone Am I.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Thanks espo, love Helen.

brooks said...

thanks luigi, love this album. but you might check the quality of recording, i'm hearing a lot of distortion.

espo said...

Hi Brooks...checked this one and yes there is a bit of fuzzy ness in the recording ..BUT I think it must be the actual L/P because I do not alter my settings when I record the L/P's....its the same for every L/P....more than likely it has been played by a damaged stylus at some point in time...Hope it did'nt spoil it too much....Thanks for your comments !!thats what it's here for !!!Cheers.....Luigi