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Friday, 17 February 2017

Peter Paul And Mary

23 classic tracks from the folk group from the 60's all the hits are here !

206 - Peter, Paul & Mary - I Dig Rock'n Roll Music.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

Tanktop said...

Espo! You make so many of us happy out here!
ANOTHER marvelous share, and did I mention generous?!
THANK YOU for all the wonderful music I would never else-wise get to hear:). I see you have a nice Mason Williams album here at Luigi's Vinyl Corner. I'm looking for another of his: "Sharepickers". He has guests on it, including I believe, the late Steve Goodman.

Thanks again for all your brilliant posts here... by turns heart-warming, zany, and entertaining!!!:)

All my BEST,

espo said...

Hi tanktop..thanks for your kind comments glad you are enjoying the music !...The "mason Williams" "Sharepickers" L/P is still available for download....unless of course has done a "Sharepickers 2"!!!...if he has and you find it let me know !!!...cheers...Mick / Espo/ Luigi !!!!

Tanktop said...

I somehow missed it(!) Even tho' you do such a neat, organized job in your artists index, for which we thank you;)
Anyway, thank yoooouuuu! I'm over the moon about this share, and you sure can pick 'em (pun intended)!:))