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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Peggy Lee....320 Kbps

 This L/P is more of a swinger than the last one I posted Peggy back in her "Swinging" Mode !!

1. Charley My Boy
2. Good For Nothing Joe
3. I Love To Love
4. When A Woman Loves A Man
5. I Like Men
6. I'm Just Wild About Harry

1. Bill
2. So In Love
3. Jim
4. It's So Nice To Have A Man About The House 
5. Oh Johnny Oh Johnny Oh
6. Life Is So Peculiar


espo said...

Enjoy !

espo said...


Mac said...

Wow, what a great album and share - from track 1 to track 12 this one is a swingin' album - pairs very nicely with Eydie

Thanks so much

GreyBeard47 said...

And I like Miss Lee. Thanks.

Searcher1 said...

Nice One, Thanks