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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Dusty Springfield...320 Kbps


The first side of this L/P is the up tempo tracks and the second side is the ballad side...excellent album from Dusty when she made this L/P she was well and truly established as one of Englands finest singers !!...her version of "This Girls In Love With You" is second to none !!..and she even has a cool "Swinging Track " as well...

P.S. The back side of the L/P as you can see is one hell of an "Orange" Zest !! I have scanned Dusty's comments in Black & does make better reading you don't have to strain your eyes !!

1. Ain't No Sun Since You've Been Gone 
2. Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart
3. Another Night
4. Mr Dream Merchant
5. I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You
6. Love Power

1. This Girls In Love With You
2. I Only Wanna Laugh
3. Who Will Take My Place
4. I Think Its Gonna Rain Today
5. Morning
6. Second Time Around


espo said...

Enjoy !

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Timmy said...

And, I thank ya....!

Rocco said...

I have this cd, according to the recording dates, these songs predate those of the critically acclaimed "DUsTy IN MEMPhIs" which remains as a masterpiece and among the best albums ever. I agree that Memphis is an excellent album, it is said to be Dusty´s 1st "soul" album, well "Son Of a preacher Man" or "Breakfast IN Bed" are soul songs, for the rest of the songs: They are pop songs with a touch of soul given by the production team in Atlantic Records. But this one "Definitely" contains several soul songs (Piece Of My heart, Mr Dream Merchant, I can´t Give back The Love....., etc) which prove that Springfield was able to sing very well in that music style without the aid of the Atlantic label production team, as she recorded Definitely in London and before "Dusty IN Memphis".-